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Are there any similar phrases a German would use in Am I right that in America, you wouldn't say 'It is nice to know you' when you first met someone. I look forward to our next meeting. ” Thank you, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Thank you for replying. " In an informal context, you can simply say "same here. At first it concerned me as 4-5 years ago I would get a response after a thank you email at least saying "nice to meet you too, thank you for your time. For example, if someone says, "It was a pleasure talking to you" or "It was a pleasure meeting you", you can respond with "The pleasure was all mine. Aette yokatta – pronounced ah-eh-teh yo-kah-tah. ' or 'The pleasure is all mine. as for as e mail is concerned you r free to write anything in personal ones . It's very nice to meet you as well. Sincerely, -----Dear Dr. Thank you for providing the requested information. It's so impersonal. I know that I have a lot to offer, and that I would thrive in your company's challenging environment. " Another thing you can do is just smile back at them and not respond at Dec 12, 2019 · Let’s make sure that they have a great impression of you by learning how to say ‘nice to meet you’ in Korean. Here are some samples of meeting thank you notes. You can also say It’s a pleasure to meet you or it’s nice to meet you. When someone says "It was nice meeting you" or "Great meeting you" it means that they met for the first time. You have all prerequisite for this position. If you think this guy is the one (he isn't) then ask how many friends you can bring; you don't want to be sitting there alone all night waiting for him to have enough time to pay you the attention you deserve. For instance, you may want to respond differently to this question if you are in a business meeting. How do you respond to it was nice meeting you? Ask for details ; Follow Report by Kanu4366 12. If you’re speaking to somebody who is your only each order to somebody who is younger “ ta ” and they say which means you’re in the familiar form. While you can't not meet with them, you can turn the meeting into a shorter meeting, or a phone call, or even an email. Most of us do not know how to respond to a person saying ‘nice to meet you’ to us. Oct 20, 2006 · “And you” sounds perfectly natural to me. You meet for your coffee or drink or whatever, and then at a certain point, you say “Well, it was nice meeting you!” Then you stand up, put on your coat, and get out of there as quickly as possible. I look forward to meeting everyone. It was great (talking with / meeting / seeing) you. Dear All is nice, if you're writing to several people together. So do anything you want. If they are different, then please tell me what's the difference! Thank you so much for your time! Both are weak wishy-washy expressions, which I personally avoid, but if you must use them then "Nice to meet you" would be said on initially meeting the person, and "Nice meeting you" would normally be said at the end of the meeting. Wait till you get to know me 5. If you are expressing the hope that you would like to see somebody in the future, then you can say: It would be nice to meet you some time. It's just like someone saying "have a nice day". Nice to e-meet you, they write. " When meeting business officials, we must take into consideration, we don't know the person, one could reply, "Thank you, sir/ma'am, it's nice to meet your acquaintance. Oct 26, 2010 · When someone signs, "nice to meet you" there are typically two different ways to reply, here they are. Every email you send is a reflection of you — so, when you send follow-up emails after business meetings, ensure they're as useful as possible for recipients. Make it known that you appreciate their time and that you enjoyed the meeting or found it useful. Just an idea though, any confirmation from a native would be more than welcome. Creating a new template, editing an existing one, finding the needed sample and inserting it into the message takes no more than a mouse click. TEXT: "Send me a pic. ” Nothing else. I enjoyed conversing with someone who is well-educated and down-to-earth. 6k Likes, 206 Comments - ara Go (@ara_go_0211) on Instagram: “Apology for late reply. When deciding how to respond, the most important thing to remember is to be genuine. Say “thank you. It's just a friendly way of saying hello. Here is a link to a definition that fits your case perfectly. It was nice to get away for a while, but the way women acted, you'd think I was romantically involved with every one of the men. Price, Thank you for seeing me yesterday. Here people often say "what's up" or an even lazier "sup" without even expecting a reply. ' Then walk away. So, you need to say no to a client meeting. Let me know if something works for you. This could be due to the busy nature of those organizations. ” You said you appreciate it when a woman tells you straight up but nicely that she enjoyed meeting you but did not feel chemistry. With a smart reply, you can make a good impression of yours but with a bad one, your impression can be tarnished. If it makes you feel better (and less guilty) maybe they could tell you, “We had a great time last night, thank God you were not there, you would have totally brought everyone down!” or “You are so insignificant that even though you were invited, we immediately ceased to think of you at all after that point and let’s be honest, you “Listen, it was nice meeting you but I’m currently seeing someone right now” “I’m really busy with work and stuff at the minute so can’t really get into anything with a guy” So now we have the stock messages out of the way, here’s what you shouldn’t be sending her… But often, your ex is just a prisoner to his emotions and can’t help himself. You usually use this at the end of your conversation with someone, or a few days later when you contact them again. 3. I hope that you have a great weekend! Diana I know I should forget about it at this point, but I usually drive myself crazy. By bringing up where you guys were, when you met, and what you talked about, you're likely sparking her memory (unless she gave two talks and had identical conversations that day, which is unlikely). Something that everyone tries to pretend is no longer in existance - but in GB it will never go away! it was nice to meet you yesterday. 'Nice meeting you' Say this when you meet someone for the first time, but say it at the end of the encounter. Mar 31, 2010 · Answers. See 2 authoritative translations of Nice meeting you in Spanish with audio pronunciations. The easy one is when you end the date without anyone making a move toward making future plans. We are hoping to interview more over the next couple weeks and make a final decision. I look forward to meeting you some time. In the example above, Brad was able to increase the possibility of gaining a new client by specifically addressing a concern that was raised in the actual meeting. 'Nice to meet you' Say this as soon as you meet someone for the first time. " OR "We'll be in touch. Oct 27, 2010 · "Likewise" sounds as if you fancy yourself superior to the other. It was an honor to work with you today. In the second time or after you would say "nice to see you again. it was nice talking with you vs it was nice talking to you These phrases basically mean the same thing, although talking "to" someone might imply a greater sense of agency on the part of the speaker, while talking "with" someone implies more of a collaboration. For instance, one one may respond differently if it is a close friend. The best is meet the greeting with the same response - If the other person said, "Nice to meet you", respond with "Nice to meet you, too. ll Telstra 3G 05:25 @-7 100% Hi Ben, thank you for your kind message. You can add your real photo and CTA there that will let people understand the problem and sympathize. Don't be afraid to show your appreciation for the sender and I don't think it would be a turn off infact he might even be flattered that you took the time out of your day to send him a text on how good it was running into him the other day. In well-structured organizations where they have series of reports and feedback to give, it is often observed that emails sent to such organizations do not get needed response. 234. e. It's very nice to meet you too. Thanks for the introduction. - because if you didn't say a word at the meeting, and he then said "nice speaking with you", then he's being ironical at best, or satirical. Even if it was somewhere in the middle, ideas were exchanged and time was spent, and that deserves recognition. This is correct. If this phrase sound odd, what is the right/appropriate phrase or sentence should write in an email to a new customer? Introducing your friends. Maybe this makes people feel you are too enthusiastic. If the conversation is going to be continued anyway, I’ll probably let the other person know that I’m okay, and ask how In other words we all. Now that you're the love of my life the only thing that scares me is losing you. Think of it as a way to start up a conversation with him. OK, so you’ve met someone at a networking event and you had a nice Oct 18, 2019 · You can have a variety of responses depending upon the situation you are in. Monday]. Jun 24, 2008 · Answers. And I would respond: "It was a pleasure to meet you, too. Best Answer: i feel it is more suitable for faca to face pleasentries. Sep 26, 2016 · 7 phrases to use instead of “nice to e-meet you”. Hi darling Nice to meet you too. But what we often forget that our personality is hidden in our replies. Use it. Thanks again. We just started our interview process today, but you interviewed very well. The word "meet" can mean two different things - to get together with someone you already know, or to see and speak with someone for the first time. Follow up online. I’ll make sure that you receive all the information you requested. It is important to keep any additional pitches brief, however. hope i made myself clear . 2017 Log in to add a comment Jun 23, 2011 · 1. Welcome Aboard Reply Messages. You have a gentle and sincere way about you that made me feel so much at ease and helped me to open up and not be as reserved as I usually am. When somebody says "nice talking to you" probably at the end of conversation then it means that the person to whom u r talking is ending the conversation in a polite Always send a letter or a note to the key people you met during your assignment thanking them for their hospitality and indicating that it was nice to meet them etc. I appreciated the chance to discuss our new products with you. They ask a question while walking past, not stopping to hear your answer. Dec 31, 2008 · It is not necessary to reply to a thank you email. If you are going to be late to a meeting, you should send an email, text, or call to let the others know when you'll arrive. (It is) nice to meet you in person" to begin your talk with them. Ask, "How are you?" This helps break the ice, and gives them an opportunity to greet you as well. Meeting up is simply organising to come together in some way Make sure to only use this phrase if you do actually intend to do the task right away – nobody likes to be kept waiting. Hoping it was a nice meeting & brings fruitful results in our future business relationship. By saying it you are indicating that you are happy to have the opportunity to meet someone. If the meeting didn’t pan out like it was meant to, then still thank them for their time. I enjoyed learning about your work investigating global health programs  Need to send a follow-up email after a meeting or conference? If you're missing a response to your initial meeting request, it's possible your follow-up email  At the end of the date she said "It was nice meeting you" gave me a hug and we to make out and he again stops and checks with me if he's pushing too far. How to Answer How Are You in formal  It's a pleasure to meet you. Letter to thank for attending a meeting If you held a meeting, or conference, and had the pleasure of having the presence of the majority of people to whom he extended an invitation, it would be good to express your gratitude to them for their assistance through a letter. " My post is making the email a bit less formal, as I assume you talked to her in an informal way. I’m a pretentious wanker who uses lame phrases over email to sound friendly but instead look like a non-imaginative idiot. 6. almost same to "nice to meet you" but a little diffrent . If you are also asking how to reply to, It was a nice  When someone says "it was great seeing you," people often respond, "it was great seeing you too. A similar distinction continues to apply after the meeting - even though you might think that, as the meeting has actually taken place, the gerund would always be more appropriate. In such a case, you may need to politely ask for a reply to your email. " @sina - Interesting. ” If the introductions have been slightly more formal, Translate Nice meeting you. It was a pleasure to meet with you on [DATE, ex. ~💕😘💕It was really nice meeting you and thank you! ️ Dear my lovely taiwanese…” It was nice meeting you. Sep 07, 2018 · Shelly was excited to tell me about how important X is to you… Notice there is no sappy, too formal, very fake (of course, you know very fake is silly too), “nice to e-meet you!” We all know it’s through the magic of electronics that you’re meeting so just get on with it. Likewise you say "Was nice to meet you" on leaving. We would like to tell you that we are impressed with your qualifications & experience. I have an early meeting. -- If you ask somebody for some information and he/she spends some time on finding the information, you can use this sentence to thank him/her. Sep 06, 2018 · Some meetings are good and some of them are bad. Another proper reply would be "The pleasure is mine". You could say: 'Thanks. Even if you just had a phone interview with an employer, it’s still nice to send a thank you email to them. Chances are they'll come Aug 10, 2010 · "Mucho gusto" is when you first meet someone, but what about when you're leaving and want to say "nice meeting you"? Here's another way. I would suggest this: It's a pleasure to get in touch with you. Jul 11, 2019 · How to Respond to a Thank You Email. " Or you could use "likewise" in a slightly more formal situation. You certainly have a way of putting life into perspective, and I mean that in a positive way. ' or 'It was a pleasure to meet you too. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I agree that "to meet" works well for a first-time meeting, but I think "It was a pleasure meeting you" would sound just fine at the end of a long flight, even if we only happened to get seated next to each other on the airplane and had never met before in our lives. Jan 20, 2014 · If you feel like you need to elaborate, you can throw some light towards your process, or share the praise around. It was very nice to meet you. Best Regards Dec 16, 2009 · In general, it would be "Nice to see you again. 5 Sep 2009 It was a pleasure talking with you at the XXX meeting earlier this week. Everyone here is willing to help. Similar to the previous expression, this provides an alternative expression for saying goodbye in professional settings. It was nice to meet you today. Catching up is a bit like ‘checking in’ with someone who you are a bit out of touch with. How do you do? What are the kinds of questions you ask when meeting someone for the first time? Would you ask different questions depending on the age, social status, and gender of the person to whom you are speaking? Write down your ideas before you listen to the conversation. And no, "me too" is NOT incorrect, despite what you think it somehow "should" be. The urge to connect with you is so strong he will often ignore his better judgement and send you text after text, hoping and preying you might respond. " (3) On the other hand, if you meet someone whom you never really liked, you might end the talk with "Well, it was nice TO SEE you. When I receive a messages like that, whether or not I reply depends on what else is going on in the conversation. View tutor profile. You are probably already familiar with these expressions from your English studies as they are common in many English books. There is a slight pause or break in the voice where the double letters are in both aette and yokatta, but even if you have trouble saying it, Translations in context of "nice to meet you" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: nice to meet you guys Register Login Text size Help English العربية Deutsch English Español Français עברית Italiano 日本語 Nederlands Polski Português Română Русский Türkçe Mar 28, 2012 · I always say "Thanks, you too !" It means nothing . Thanks. Actually, this common phrase is actually only ever used in one very specific situation — the very first time that you   How to Respond to HOW ARE YOU … 7 Comments. Sep 25, 2013 · TEXT: "Can't come over tonight. Your ideas on new approaches to sales in our region were insightful and a great help to me. " Offer to shake their hand, and when accepted, use a firm but not crushing grip. I add one more comment to reply an apology. Goodbye. " Jan 20, 2007 · Reply to "Nice meeting you" If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 4 Sep 2019 Nice to meet you - "You too" "My pleasure,nice to meet you too" "It's also nice to meet you" "And you" "Likewise". It is nice to meet you. If I meet someone for the first time, and he said this to me, I may feel weird. " OR "I look forward to hearing from you again soon. If they spoke first, then while we are shaking hands, I would answer "Thank you. It was nice meeting you, too, and thanks for the gift. ' Mar 16, 2010 · Is the context of "Nice meeting you" just after shaking hands or at the end of the meeting? If it is at the end of the meeting, it is probably "It was nice meeting you. If the business meeting is especially long or important, you may even mention a few notable accomplishments in your email. You can reply: Nice to meet you, too! or, shortened, "You, too!" Other common expressions are: My pleasure! Same here! Likewise. " OR "We should meet again in a few days/weeks, etc. Sep 23, 2018 · 38. If you’re going to invest 30-60 minutes in meeting with someone, you owe it to yourself and whoever you met with to send a follow-up email. Aug 31, 2016 · Formal Professional Goodbyes in English. The other person is wishing you well, and it’s up to you whether you confirm that you’re well or not. After all, "I've heard a lot about you" is such a cliche, you can pretty much say whatever you want in response without worrying about conversational consequences. We become clueless. Nice To Meet You in French. [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. Aug 12, 2009 · "Nice to meet you" is often taught to new learners of English, but in time you will hear a variety of greetings and it is generally good to respond with a similar expression to the one spoken first. " This can be shortened to just "you too," but the meaning is   You tend to use “Nice to meet you” too much. well, its just right question. Like baseball, network relationship management is a game of inches where the difference between winning and losing is rarely decided by grand gestures; more often than not, the winner is the person who took the small extra steps. Nice to meet you. I have followed your work for years with much enthusiasm. " I happened to be talking to my husband about how shocked I was to not receive a response to my thank you after a recent interview that I felt good about. Once again, thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Something else! Any explanation of why would be greatly appreciated. You are looking so nice & passionate personality man. I wonder if you ran into your ex-teacher and had a pleasant conversation with him or her, and before leaving your teacher said, "It was nice talking to you," would you reply your teacher with "Thank you. If they don't reply in time, just remove the prompt, You can say "Thank you for getting back to me". All questions are welcome such as to how to change oil, to how to tie shoes. 4. (You don't have to say anything about the mistake. Any guy that's mass texting for company likely isn't that cool. It’s tricky—especially because the main part of your job is to, well, deal with clients. ” Although it’s a polite and friendly greeting, it feels unnecessary, and even a little old-fashioned, to acknowledge that the meeting is taking place online. Here are two ways of saying it starting with the easiest first. , meet you not-in-person. " In the second time or after you would say "nice to see you again. Some more casual phrases that mean mostly the same thing are: It was nice to meet you. I'm a performer, and when I get complimented on a performance, I will frequently go with something like "Thank you so much, it was a lot of hard work to prepare but I really think it went well!" Dec 02, 2019 · The polite way of greeting somebody you have just been introduced to is to say, "Good evening, Jessi. " OR "I look forward to your email. Oct 11, 2016 · To my understanding, as dojibear puts it, you have to be in a live conversation to say "nice to meet you". Dear Sir, Refer to our meeting in shanghai expo & thanks a lot for your cooperation’s. If you are introduced to somebody, you might want to say “Nice to meet you. Mar 28, 2017 · If your date was actively terrible, and they send an unprompted rejection, there really isn’t a need to respond. It was very nice to meet you today, and I really appreciate you taking the time to come in. 8 Mar 2018 When we say 'you too' it means that you are returning the compliment. Mar 05, 2016 · Catch Up v. dict. Looking forward to your reply and your confirmation to the new date and time. Some examples from the web: No examples available at the moment. " OR "It was nice to meet you". Hey there It was LOVELY meeting you. As than others start to think you are too good and that is why they should also expect you to be kind and forgive. Looking forward to working with you. ” I hope you mean it and will be careful next time” By the way, a lot of recruiters will say they appreciated meeting you, but decided to move forward with other candidates. I wouldn't use “Me too,” though--it sounds like you mean “It's nice to meet me too,” which lacks a certain logical progression (though I could see how this might be useful for meeting to your alter ego in the mirror for the first time). I would be more than delighted to meet you and discuss [some topic]; however, I will not be available on 13 March and would like to reschedule the meeting to the 15th if that is ok with you. But you should also employ common sense and not just listen to advice on the Internet. Keep in touch. Wilkins. Best wishes, PBF Feb 12, 2013 · There is no way you can say that you are pleased about the happening of something that has not happened. You can also say this at the end of subsequent meetings. I always do well on first  17 Sep 2018 It's a pleasant and familiar way to greet someone you've just been the “nice to meet you” portion could make your message sound too abrupt. ” In German, there’s no very casual way of saying this, and if the introductions have been informal, you might just want to reply with a “Hallo” or “Guten Tag. It was a nice meeting you on [date] regarding the interview for the [post title] post in our Company. If it works it works. " Apr 25, 2006 · Reply to "Nice to meet you". ” ”It is wonderful to finally meet you, Dr. How to Accept a Compliment: 4 Ways To Respond Graciously 1. 1k Likes, 4,033 Comments - Nancy Jewel McDonie (@nancyjewel_mcdonie_) on Instagram: “Nice meeting you Liza” decision. Our commitment is to provide you with all the information you require in order for you to make a well-informed decision. Meet Up. which means it nice to meet you or that I am pleased to meet you . I find this “tell” painful because I want to see myself as a nice person and not hurt anyone’s feelings. Aug 20, 2010 · Answers. In business in the US, someone will say "Nice to meet you," when they shake hands. Haha nice man! I mean 9 times out of 10 'it was nice meeting you' normally does mean that was a nice experience meeting you but they have no wish to proceed with the relationship. It was nice to have met you: This is used when you meet a new friend. 5. I've been rejected by two other places for the same job, via email so the fact I wasn't is great news. cc English-German Dictionary: Translation for Nice to meet you too [standard reply to Nice to meet you ] Feb 17, 2016 · It is really a simple greeting and has a similar meaning to “Nice to meet you. in official mail its better to write "its nice to see you here" . Here is a better first email: Hey Mike: It was great meeting with you, and talking about your burger business’s dilemma with re-branding itself. Your easily impressed 4. This is a nice thing to say to someone you've just met. " If the other person made a mistake and wrote " It was nice to meeting you" you should pick one of the correct answers and use it. >>Because saying "me too" is like saying "It's also nice for me to meet me. If you are inviting strange men over to your house then we may have Aug 10, 2010 · you use 'le' if you want to be formal or more polite and 'te' if it's someone your age or you want to be less formal :) - Kiwi-Girl, Aug 10, 2010 I don't think it's really anything like our 'enchanted to meet you' which sounds very old fashioned and stuffy lol - Kiwi-Girl , Aug 10, 2010 In the example that you gave, "nice speaking with you" gives you all of the context that you need. Nice to  3 Oct 2017 Pleased to meet you: It is a formal way of saying nice to meet you. Just say, 'It was really nice to meet you. Aug 02, 2007 · However, true British etiquette (a dying art form!) would not approve of 'nice to meet you' - that is considered most vulgar and is a dead give away as to ones social standing. Chaíromai pou se gnorízo nice to meet you Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find Jul 12, 2013 · Thank you so much Rachel for following up. Thanks though. You’re letting your new contact know where you met and that you are not a complete stranger. ”It is so nice to meet you, Dr. It’s great to meet you / It’s a pleasure to meet you. They do respond, but not always with what will make you feel better. A warm thank you to you for this welcome news. Hope that helps. You should text her back something along the lines 'It was nice to see you too, how company yesterday that is all and maybe wants to meet up with you again. It's just an inane form of greeting. These expressions are best used in formal or business situations when you meet someone for the first time, for example, A: “Good morning. It was nice meeting you tonight Gina! - Fredee ;-) The other answers are correct translations, but saying "nice to meet you" is not a common social etiquette in China, according to my life experience. We will be in touch, but again, it was a pleasure meeting you! Jan 08, 2018 · The phrases you discovered above are only used when you meet someone and you can’t use them to say “it was nice to meet you”. It was nice meeting you too, and thanks for the gift. Aette means ‘to meet’ and yokatta means ‘it was good’. Pleased to meet you is commonly used when greeting someone for the first time, and is considered very polite. The emphasis again is on actuality. Dear Janet This is still normal, and nice. I really enjoyed talking to you about your passion for marketing and how you broke into the industry. He ripped us for skipping school & desecrating the graveyard. " or "I enjoyed the day. "<< The matter is that fixed expressions need not "make sense". 0. NoStupidQuestions. This small phrase will not only show that you have great manners, but also that you enjoyed meeting your new friend, acquaintance, or potential future romantic partner. Jan 14, 2017 · 18 Perfect Thank You for Your Business Messages Jan 14, 2017 Nov 29, 2016 by Crystal Lombardo Showing your customers that you care and are thankful for their business is a great way to create lasting relationships built on trust and confidence. I'm sure that you don't; after all, this is why you asked. This can be used at the beginning of the meeting . Dec 17, 2014 · Hi, this is Larry Sharpe with Neo-Sage, here to talk to you about how to follow-up after meeting someone at a Networking event. When some one send me a mail saying "It was nice to Meeting you" can i reply to him "It was nice to meeting you too" 23 Jan 2018 But of course it was nice for you to meet me. Use Case 8: After Business Meeting . ": This is a polite phrase that you say to someone that you've just met for the first time at the end of the conversation. Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert. May 05, 2011 · Rating Newest Oldest. British people sometimes use a comma: Dear Janet, Janet, Americans use a comma or a colon (:). 2. Thank you, but I probably could have done better. This can be used in the beginning of the meeting when you just meet the concerned person. Jun 23, 2011 · I am curious whether it should be: 1. But do I take this as a positive thing if nothing else? May 05, 2011 · Rating Newest Oldest. Allow me to prove myself to you, and you will see a highly dedicated and competent professional, Have all sample "Thank You" letters in your Outlook. 2] It’s a pleasure to meet you : which indicates that the interaction or meeting was being looked forward to in a positive manner . You may also need to adapt your response to the character of your relationship with the person. Plus, the email doesn't really convey to me how this call is worth my time. Hi for a friend Janet some people use this: it's a bit short, we think "Hello Janet" is not really English. How about if you got to know the person more, lets say, after a conversation, could you say that? Also, does 'Nice to meet you' mean the same thing? Thanks in advance. It's a bit formal. Just like saying you are please to meet them. If you have to leave a message, you should, but it’s a good idea to try to talk to someone who can pass along your message. * This person asked for the calland then put the onus on me to schedule the call. ' (more formal) At the end of a meeting, use the past tense: 'It was very nice to meet you too. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. If you respond by saying "me too", you are saying that you just met yourself, too. Usually this is said when someone says "Pleased to meet you", but it can be used as a response to "Nice to meet you". This is a polite phrase that you say or write to people you don't know very well, who you meet in a work situation or other formal situation. Mar 17, 2016 · And yet, for some, concision is abandoned entirely when emailing someone for the first time. Aug 20, 2010 · Do you think is weird to write "Nice to meet you" in an email to customer? And you've never meet him/her before. “Listen, it was nice meeting you but I’m currently seeing someone right now” “I’m really busy with work and stuff at the minute so can’t really get into anything with a guy” So now we have the stock messages out of the way, here’s what you shouldn’t be sending her… Sep 06, 2018 · Some meetings are good and some of them are bad. When you think about it, either way, you should write a thank you note-- for enduring the tedium with (or for) you, or for sharing a fabulous time. This helps you keep everyone motivated while showing them you recognize their achievements. Mar 26, 2012 · Make it seem like you're nice to everyone. Me have so many words about your cooperation but can’t write in one mail. “You too” has always seemed a little awkward to me, but I do hear it from native speakers. Don't be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking certain people, so this place gives you a nice area not to be judged about asking it. And it’s particularly nice to hear because everyone is happy at the end of the work day or end of the work week. The person saying it doesn't care about you or your day at all. It is always nice to receive a thank you email, whether it's from your brother or your boss. This is the very 1st time for you to approach her. If you had a wonderful time and would like the person you spent time with to know it, simply pick one of the following phrases: Re: Nice meeting you vs nice to meet you. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to [STATE WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED, ex. If it is at the end of the meeting, it is probably "It was nice meeting you. The pleasure is all mine. I look forward to working with you. Have a good day/weekend/evening. " Straight off the bat I'm going to assume that you know this guy. Nice to meet you! I've heard a lot about you In which case, maybe this is your opportunity to have a little fun in the conversation. If you meet a good friend whom you haven't seen for five years, you might end the conversation wth: "Wow! It was really great SEEING you! We have to get together soon. ' (quite informal) or 'It's lovely to meet you too. (Assuming it to be honest, non-ironical, non-satirical, etc. Thank you for all your assistance. It was great to see you again. 2 Chauvinistic, no doubt, but it was kind of nice to be looked after. show you how the Magnaflux compressor can significantly reduce costs at your manufacturing plants]. Same as "It's nice to see you. The pleasure was all yours 3. must be fare to ourselves and not just help being nice to others. The worst was as a teenager, got caught with my girlfriend in a civil war graveyard by a park ranger. A better approach is to follow up on a topic you discussed when you met. 12. A couple of times. Nice to hear from you. Lord knows we need more of that. It's a bit like 'Goodbye'. With the time-saving Template Phrases for Outlook add-in you will have all Thank you letters directly in your Outlook. It was nice to meet you but I probably won't go fishing. Making your cancellation follow-up email honest is important, and an email signature really helps with it. However, it is perfectly okay to write something like "It was so nice to see you. Explanation of the English phrase "It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we Pleased to meet you too. " When you meet someone for the first time, it is best to say "nice to meet you, too" because you are also happy to meet them. Sample Letter #6. Sep 17, 2018 · Many people still write “Nice to e-meet you” or “Nice to virtually meet you. I LOL’d all night – your so funny! –Joe. You can reply: Nice to meet you, too! or, shortened, "You, too!" Other common expressions are: My pleasure! Same here! Likewise. Then when you leave, don't ask for his number or anything like that. Although not if you meet the same person several times a day. If you want your meeting cancellation email follow-up to be professional and sincere, you should include a nice email signature. Aug 08, 2013 · It was great meeting you, hopefully we’ll run into one another again. I received this one a few days ago - not the worst reply in the world, but could be much better. I know it's alright to reply with "Nice to meet you too". By that they mean, "nice to electronically meet you," i. I'm guessing from the "mate" in your screenname and the fact that people, where you are from, say "nice to meet you," that you must not be American like me. If the comment comes at the start of a meeting, you would use the present tense. May 20, 2011 · Nice to meet you Eric. Catching up with someone has a more specific meaning – you haven’t seen each other for a while and so you catch up with each other in order to find out the latest news. You wouldn't look at a math book on a shelf and then think that you "knew" Calculus would you? You will more than likely be asked to type the minutes up later, so that it can be stored electronically and sent around to all the attendees after the meeting – this should be done immediately after the meeting so that you don’t forget any of the points that were mentioned (even your own scribbled notes can seem hard to understand after a Oct 23, 2010 · How should I reply when someone says "it was very nice to see you / talk to you" etc? Can you say "you, too" or it doesnt make sense? English isn't my first language so any help would be appreciated:) It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the Marketing Mixer. Nice meeting you. The best reply? The pleasure was all yours. Sep 25, 2013 · REPLY: Nothing. In that case, I just didn’t respond at all. " When you are going to finish a talk with someone, you would say "(It was ) nice meeting you . proper english reply would be, nice to meet you also or nice to meet you too. However, if you wanted to repeat the phrase, my intinct would be to leave out "again. It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope that you feel as good about our interview as I do. Sep 01, 2009 · When you've met someone for the first time, can you really say that you "know" them? People say that all the time, but actually knowing enough about a person to use the blanket term "know them" seems like it should take more time and effort. " It is common to respond simply with "Likewise". Jul 23, 2014 · "It was nice meeting you too. ". Best Answer: If I got an email that started "nice to meet you" it would go straight into the junk folder - you have not met your customer so why say it ? As it is a new customer I would probably say something like "Dear John / Mr Smith, Thank you for your recent order which is now being processed. Look forward to speaking with you soon. (and when shaking hands in the US, always shake strong - don't give someone a limp hand). " or "Dear John / Mr Smith, Thank you for email and the meeting request. It was nice meeting you tonight Gina! - Fredee ;-) Oct 01, 2013 · Thank You Letter for Meeting in Email. / Pleased to meet you. Please note that if you are speaking to a stranger or to somebody who is older than yourself are going to want to say “ votre ” which means your in the polite form. Thanks for getting in touch. " "Nice to meet you too" or "nice to see you too" are enough. ) Haha nice man! I mean 9 times out of 10 'it was nice meeting you' normally does mean that was a nice experience meeting you but they have no wish to proceed with the relationship. I’ve been on plenty of bad dates where I thought I made it clear that I had no interest in a second date when I said “Well, it was nice to meet you” but sure enough, I woke up to a rejection text. What about a shorter "me too"? Several days ago when I said "Nice to meet you" to an  8 Feb 2016 If you are asking how to reply to Nice to meet you,. It was nice to meet you, too. Cheers Hay no problem, just from your reply honestly think you have read the situation all wrong. Thank you for the email. For those who have been struck by impostor syndrome, the phrase “thank you” is almost always followed by the word “but. Fue un placer conocerte = informal "It was a pleasure meeting you" Fue un placer conocerla = formal/female "It was a pleasure meeting you" Fue un placer Jul 11, 2019 · It is always nice to receive a thank you email, whether it's from your brother or your boss. It's great to see It was nice meeting you. There are other reasons too, but that is often the main driver of his behavior. Oct 27, 2010 · Never likewise. It was so nice to finally meet you (face to face). I am elated to join the department this quarter and give it my best shot. This is just to avoid repetition. If you meet a new colleague working at a similar level in the company to you, say “It’s great to meet you!” the first time you meet him or her. Follow Up To And Thank You For Meeting. When responding to "Nice to meet you", you can reply formally, "It's a pleasure meeting you as well" or informally "Same here. It's not nice, it's not appropriate, but in my humble opinion, it is the best. You don't want to respond to "nice to meet you" with "me too. Thank you for making time to meet with me and for sharing your thoughts. In English it is common to reply with "Nice to meet you" when you were introduced to somebody. " If someone says "thank you", the traditional As you can see, a post-meeting thank you letter can accomplish more than a show of gratitude. it was nice meeting you reply